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A project of San Antonio Organic Farm.

San Antonio

An ecological conservation project.

The San Antonio Organic Farm consists of 150 hectares of primary and secondary subtropical mountain cloud forest, and crops. Its elevation is 1800 meters (5905.5 feet) above sea level in the Commune of Sta. Rosa in the Intag Valley, Imbabura.


We are 1 hour 15 minutes from Cotacachi. This mountain cloud forest is found in two mountain ranges of the equatorial Andes. It lies  between 1,200 and 2,000 meters above sea level.


 It  has the unique feature of  an abundance of diverse organisms growing on tree trunks, rocks, and organic matter. For this reason it has a unique look in that every surface is covered with some species of plant. At an ecological level, these forests play a key role in the environment since they harvest and recycle the moisture from the air back to the earth as a water resource.


The farm consists of three hectares of crop land.  Some of these crops are: coffee, sugar cane, fruit trees from the area such as guabas, bananas, chirimoya, naranjilla, granadilla, tree tomato, citrus, as well as vegetables that come from our orchard.

We are Marisol, Farm Coordinator, and Yakina, my 9-year-old daughter. We live on the San Antonio Organic Farm in the cloud forest of the Intag Valley; and this is our life’s work.


Our goal is to live in harmony with nature through environmentally friendly practices. We hope that through our agro-ecological, touristic and educational activities we can leave this place better than we found it. Step by step we progress towards this sustainability and meanwhile we share with our community, and the world, the good that comes from this experience.


Another family lives on the farm with us. They are from the Santa Rosa commune and they collaborate with us on our work projects once or twice a week. Their names are Pedro, Cecilia, Dilan, Sebastián and Christian.​

Intag Valley - Cotacachi, Imbabura



We launch our volunteer program at Finca San Antonio hoping that it will be a satisfying experience and learning on multiple levels.

The Farm is supported by a set  of activities that have to do with ecotourism, agroecology, beekeeping and educational activities such as workshops and meetings. The activities that the volunteers will carry out will be focused on supporting all these activities for the proper functioning of the farm and its sustainability.


Once a week Marisol (Coordinator of the farm) or one of our collaborators will give an educational class of 1 hour so that the volunteers become familiar with the concepts of the cloud forest and agricultural activities in the area. Also once a week the volunteers will visit different families in the community collaborating in their work activities, creating links from active learning and collaboration.

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  • Agroecology and Garden:

Creation of seedlings and sowing.

Caring for seedlings, transplanting, garden maintenance.

Compost care and collection of all materials to do so, tree pruning, road maintenance and others.


  • Beekeeping:

Hive maintenance, apiary, bee care, honey harvest.


  • Tourism:

Creation of educational material for tourists and guidance.


  • Office work:

According to the volunteer's skills, help is sought in translation of documents, content for social networks, among other activities. Management of office programs and social networks is necessary.



Volunteers will have access to the workshops and meetings scheduled at the Farm, (if they are interested) in exchange for agreed work hours.
Some examples of workshops on the farm are: bioconstruction, kitchen garden, beekeeping and healing meetings.



The Farm promotes a healthy diet, in resonance with respect for the land; trying to exclude chemically altered foods. The volunteers will have access to the products produced on the same farm, to their garden, as well as to purchase other products  from neighboring farms.

Some essential products that are not produced on the farm are provided to the volunteers every week for their preparation, who can create their own feeding schedules , but respecting working hours characteristic of the dynamics of the Farm.

Voluntarios 1.jpg


Required work hours are 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

Working hours:

- 9:00 to 12:00 work.

- 12:00 - 13:00 lunch 

- 13:00 - 16:00 work


*Quiet hours start at 8:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday we do not work unless the volunteer is interested in learning about other activities.


On weekends you can spend leisure time, trips and tours outside the farm or on the farm.


On Mondays there will be a short meeting to plan the weekly work.



Notebook or drawing, pen, pencil and/or paints; camera, repellent, sun hat, sunscreen, flashlight, long-sleeved shirts and long pants, swimsuit, towel, comfortable walking shoes, waterproof rubber boots, personal hygiene products, rain jacket, clothing shelter, a sleeping bag, all the necessary medicines and products for personal use. In addition to the desire to learn and connect with a natural world of unique beauty in the world.




The Finca has our Casa Maloca. A large wooden cabin to receive up to 6 volunteers and also with space for a camping area.

Values :

Accommodation in "La Maloca": $150/week


Camping Accommodation:


(available for you to set up your tent in the forest or at the foot of the river.)

All volunteers have a fully equipped kitchen at their disposal to prepare all their meals, hot showers and a dry bathroom.

We hope that your experience "volunteering" at Finca Orgánica San Antonio is positive and a lot of learning!

We are already grateful for your support of our life project. Our goal is to walk more and more towards a life in harmony with the environment to regenerate the earth and inspire our future generations to care for it.

Sign up here.

Thanks for your registration! We are happy to hear from you and your interest in our conservation project.​

We will contact you within 48 hours.

If you would like to add something else to your record, please write us directly to:


*We remind you that registration to volunteer programs is not an acceptance to them.

Route to San Antonio

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