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Abeja en una margarita en Finca Orgánica San Antonio

Face-to-face Beekeeping Workshop
Level 1: July 23 and September 3
Level 2: July 16, August 20 and September 24 
9:00 - 15:00

A project of San Antonio Organic Farm.

“If la bee disappeared from the surface of the globe, man would only have four years of life: sin bees, there is no pollination, no grass, no animals, no men.” A. Einstein

Finca Orgánica San Antonio is pleased to share with you punctual, innovative, short and affordable workshops that will lead you to a sustainable life. Created and designed for those seeking a connection with nature and with the environment that surrounds them, be it the city or the countryside.
From natural cooking, bio-construction, beekeeping, bakery, healing, ecology to basic principles to start your garden.
We want you to enjoy a life that is simpler, more nutritious, joyful and in balance with nature. 
Today we present to you:

Beekeeping 1

Marisol Gallegos Coordinadora de Finca Orgánica San Antonio

Level 1

With Marisol Gallegos

Coordinator of the San Antonio Organic Farm, passionate about wild edible plants, ecology, fermentation process, bee keeper and happy mother. 

Beekeeping 2

René Grazón - Finca Orgánica San antonio.jpeg

Level 2

WithMarisol Gallegosand Rene Garzon

Rene lives in the upper part of the Intag area,  has been a beekeeper for 6 years. "I like to consider myself a bee conservationist, protector and rescuer. My work is dedicated to the protection and rescue of these amazing creatures."

80% of the biodiversity of wild plants would be at risk of extinction without the pollinating function. Therefore, we humans would also collapse.

La celebración de un apicultor de nido de abeja

a fascinating world


It is an ancient tradition that consists of taking care of beehives, obtaining a surplus, honey and other products such as propolis, pollen, royal jelly.

In the past, bees and beekeeping were barely noticed, beekeepers, jealous of their knowledge, did not share much information about the trade. Therefore, only now have they become more receptive to tell about their sweet trade.

Likewise, it is a profession strongly linked to sustainability. We do not know of traditional (non-industrial) beekeepers who get rich, nor speculative investment funds that put money into bees. It is therefore a work established throughout history in the world and rural culture.

Being a beekeeper is an exciting and varied occupation. It provides the joys of reflective manual work, but also the concerns of those who depend on the climate, the protection of biodiversity and the health of their animals. 
Taller de apicultura en Finca Orgánica San Antonio

The agenda of our workshops

Beekeeping 1

  • The fascinating world of honey bees, anatomical study and their social organization and environmental importance.

  • The Apiary, parts of a beehive, equipment.

  • Maintenance, management, health and diseases.

  • Harvest of honey and pollen.

Beekeeping 2

  • Feeding, Division and Reproduction of hives. 

  • Rearing of queens and drones.

  • Treatment of pests and diseases

Taller de apicultura en Finca Orgánica San Antonio

What will you take away from this workshop?

  • The necessary knowledge to establish a small apiary in an urban or rural area of up to 30 hives, to obtain honey and pollen; and for the pollination of your crops.


  • Digital material, in PowerPoint format of 7 modules, with more than 50 pages.

  • Participation certificate.

  • Snack and organic lunch from the farm.


  • Small jar of honey.

  • At level 2: You will learn to reproduce your own hives, raise your own queens, keep them healthy and strong. 


  • 9:00 -10:30 Theoretical class

  • 10:30 -11:00 Snack

  • 11:00 -12:30 theoretical class

  • 12:30 -13:30 Lunch

  • 13:30 - 15:00 Practical class in the apiary

  • 15:00 Delivery of certificates and closing


Value: $48.00 / participant

*For people aged 18 and over, men or women. It is important to know if any participant is allergic to bees.

Casa de Finca Orgánica San Antonio
Accommodation options at the Finca for participants in this workshop if you want to stay the night and enjoy more of the Finca reserve:
  • The farm consists of trails to a waterfall, forest and river, spaces to which all participants will have access. 


  • Participants have the option to stay at the Farm ($8.00 and $10.00 Camping, $12.00 Glamping and $15.00 rooms in our family home),


  • Extra meals available: $5:00 for breakfast, $7:00 for lunch and dinner.


*Prices per night and per person.

Route to San Antonio

Mapa de ruta a Finca Orgánica San Antonio
Register here for this workshop

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