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Welcome, welcome to TURA, the Farm store. The Farm's products are marketed through direct orders, both to the province of Imbabura - where the Farm is located - as well as by shipments nationwide.

See here the nourishment we will provide, all 100% organic products grown at San Antonio Organic Farm.

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Farm certified by:

Tura - Women's Cafe

%100 organic coffee

Type of roast: Blonde and dark



200g / $4.50

400g / $9.00


200g / $5.00

400g / $10.00


Café TURA, is a women's coffee, worked and harvested by women living in the forest, hence its eminently feminine touch. Of the Caturra, Indica, Colombia, and Ethiopia variety, our coffee grows in the Intag Valley, Ecuador, at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level. A multi-crop system includes fruit trees like: custard apple, lemon, orange, tangerine, banana and guaba and even avocado. These trees shade the coffee and provide it with organic material such as leaves that are applied around the coffee bushes. This is especially true of  the guaba tree,  because it takes  nitrogen from the soil and changes it to a form which benefits the plant in a natural way.


 The coffee is harvested between May and September. The seeds for Café TURA coffee are carefully selected and harvested at the perfect red-colored state of maturity. This ensures that the seeds are of the highest quality and will produce the best possible coffee.


Once the coffee is harvested, it is washed and submerged in water. This filters out any seeds that are not in good condition (because those are the ones that float). This process brings us the best quality seeds. Next comes the pulping with a hand operated mechanical pulper. At this second step the coffee seed is “pulped” or separated from its first outer layer. While that layer resembles a pulp, it's known in the market as the “shell.” Third: seeds are fermented for two days. Fourth: seeds are dried for approximately a week in the sun. Fifth: seeds are threshed and the second hard, dry shell is removed. Sixth: seeds are toasted until reaching the perfect desired state of dark or blond.

Ground Organic Turmeric

turmeric powder


60gr /$4.00 


fresh turmeric



Turmeric has been shown to provide a prodigious set of health benefits. It behaves like a general balm on our health; acting on various fronts: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive, carminative, detoxifying and cardioprotective.


Some studies have indicated it functions in preventing tumor growth. Liver, heart, digestive system, immune system and skin, are all great beneficiaries of the potential use of turmeric.

Multifloral honey bee

multifloral bee honey

1/4 liter $5.00

1/2 liter $10.00

1 liter    $20.00


This Honey is harvested in a preserved area of ​​the subtropical cloud forest in the Intag Valley - Imbabura.


Our bees harvest the nectar and pollen from wild flowers in our surrounding native forests.

Coffee husk

Coffee husk

Dried or powdered husk. 

15gr / $1.00 


Powdered husk 

1lb/ $6.00


Dried whole husk

1lb / $5.00


Whole coffee husks are yeilded in our production of organic coffee. These have antioxidant qualities and a number of vitamins and minerals. After the coffee is pulped, these husks are left to bathe in the sun for 5 days; which increases their beneficial properties.


Coffee husks can be used as an excellent antioxidant tea. When they are ground they can be used as a flour; with the flavors of cranberry, cinnamon and wood.

Granulated brown sugar

granulated organic brown sugar

1lb / $1.50


Our panela is handcrafted following the traditional family method of the Intag area cane fields. The process uses iron pans over a wood fire and the panela is whipped with ladles and finished using molds and wooden bunques.


Sugar cane is fully mature after 2-3 years of growth and development.Only once it's arrived at this point is it harvested and the juice extracted at the mill.This juice is then  boiled  and shaken continuously until it reaches the point where the lumpy cane juice becomes “granulated panela.” 


Our cane is worked by hand, without machinery, without chemicals and without burning.

Natural repellent

natural repellent against insects

30ml / $5.00


Huarmi, our line of phytotherapy for health care:

Natural repellent made with organic products: lemon, cloves, citronella oil and alcohol.

Tincture intimate bath

Tincture intimate bath.

20ml / $4.00


Huarmi, our phytotherapy line for women's health care: chamomile, matico and organic apple cider vinegar.

This is a new way to take care of your privacy. A healthy, natural and safe way; making use of powerful mixtures of plants. With this tincture you can restore your Ph and keep yourself fresh and without discomfort.


Farm certified by:

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