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Passion for the preservation of life

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Marisol Gallegos

Coordinator and founder of The San Antonio Organic Farm: she is also an active practitioner of agroecology, beekeeping, biodynamics and natural cooking.

San Antonio is the proof that it's possible to generate practices of respect and communion with nature that honor life.

Here in the primary and secondary forest my goal is to  provide  a place and a space for our guests to find what they need.


This includes education, healing and nutrition for both soul and body through the many activities we provide in the Farm.​


Only through promoting communion with nature can we contribute to the collective healing of the planet.

Santa Rosa

Intag Valley

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Just one hour from Cotacachi, in the province of Imbabura - Ecuador.


160 hectares of primary and secondary forest are part of the Finca's biological reserve

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Our farm is certified by SPG Tandarik and Red de Guardianes de las Semillas.

Agriculture that is in tune with life

Agricultural practices on the farm have a specific aim. 

This is to provide a clean environment; in balance with natural cycles and in that way enhance the productive capacity and natural fertility of the soil.


Thus, we managed to optimize the recycling of nutrients:  the natural control of pests and diseases.


It's in this way the farm produces our coffee, panela (from sugar cane), subtropical fruits and vegetables. 


The farm is also the home of the caretakers of life: bees.


They provide us with one of the star products of the farm: multifloral bee honey.


In tune with the cloud forest...

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