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women's meeting

September 14 and 15


Meeting of Women in Intag, it is a workshop-ritual, and it is also a return trip to the uterus... to the womb.

To the sound of the drum and the light of the moon, we will gather among sisters to explore our waters and delve into the depths of our womb to recognize ourselves, free, heal, nourish... and thus walk back to our intimate home.

We invite you to come with your clear purpose, to work what you need to work on and let go of what you need to abandon.

Come with your mind and heart open to another language, to another discovery of "feeling".

Come with your soul as a girl, to play, to discover and marvel at the simple and simple. Wear a skirt, not because it is commonly associated with women, but because its movement creates a sacred circle around you and opens a direct connection to our Mother Earth.


In this two-day meeting, our team of therapists will accompany you  on your journey of looking back at yourself; towards the depths of your  being a woman. We offer you a whole range of activities aimed at  work with feminine energy, to build a space in which  you can, individually and collectively, carry out your own process of  self-knowledge and healing. 


Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy Workshop


Women's Temazcal


Women's friendly plants workshop: Herbalism and female reconnection

Special meditation to reconnect with your heart.

Rest on the farm

Natural food "from the garden to the table"

Where will the Meeting be?

San Antonio Organic Farm is a life project, led by Marisol Gallegos, it is located in the Intag Valley; It is a heavenly place just one hora from Cotacachi, in the province of Imbabura - Ecuador.

160ha of primary and secondary forest is part of the Finca's biological reserve.

The cloud forest of the Intag Valley is one of the two most diverse places in the world!

Knowing this reserve is an experience to let you marvel at a natural event of millions of years of formation of the Ecuadorian Andes, creating a mega diverse habitat for flora and fauna to express themselves in surprising ways.

The proximity to the wonder of this mega diverse place, allows us to experience the most powerful heartbeats of the earth, reminding us that we are alive...


Marisol Gallegos

Founder and Coordinator of the San Antonio Organic Farm, in the Intag Valley. Active practitioner of agroecology, beekeeping, biodynamics and vegetarian/vegan cooking.


My commitment responds to a philosophy of life,  a more natural way of living, San Antonio is the confirmation that it is possible to generate practices of respect and communion with nature that honor life.


Here in the primary and secondary forest, I propose a place and a space for learning, healing and nutrition. For that, we offer therapies and organic vegetarian food, harvested at the moment from our garden. We want to contribute like this to a  individual and collective healing for the benefit of our entire planet.


geovanny vasconez

Geovanny Vásconez is a Masseur and Lomi Lomi Massage Instructor since 2003. He has studied Acupuncture (NeiJing School, Ecuador), Naturopathy (ITMAS, Ecuador), Cranio Sacral Therapy (Upledger Institute, and with Master Janeth Evergreen). He is recognized as a Spiritual Leader within the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan.

Founder of Pacha Yachac - Space for Healing, Time for Knowledge.


Cyntia Vinces

Specialist in healing therapies and herbalist with more than 12 years in emotional liberation therapies from the Vedic philosophy and Huna Hawaii.

Certified facilitator of the ROAF System (Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy)

Founder of ALAYA – Healing Spaces
Alaya is a glimpse into my life. It's a place where I honestly share how I keep up and navigate my life.
I share it because I want to extend my hand to all others who are looking for a place outside the exhaustion of daily routine and the endless search for meaning and value of a fulfilling life.​

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Rachel Babin

Trained in Lomi Lomi Massage with Geovanny Vásconez and in Craniosacral Therapy with Master Janet Evergreen. He followed medicine woman Sandra Ingerman's teachings on the shamanic journey with drum (Shamanic Journeying for guidance and healing). My passion for the mysteries of the dream world led me to explore my dreams, integrating the teachings shared by Connie Kaplan and participating in her International Dream Circle.

Founder of Manantial - Healing Space

Meet your guides


Day 1

Arrival and snack
10.30 Chanupa, expression of purpose
12.00 Journey to the womb
13.00  Lunch
2:30 p.m. Temazcal
17.30 Dinner

Day 2
8.00 Breakfast
9:00 Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy Workshop
12.00 Energy work
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Closing

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