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women's meeting

7 and 8 December


Meeting of Women in Intag, it is a workshop-ritual, and it is also a return trip to the uterus... to the womb.

To the sound of the drum and the light of the moon, we will gather among sisters to explore our waters and delve into the depths of our womb to recognize ourselves, free, heal, nourish... and thus walk back to our intimate home.

We invite you to come with your clear purpose, to work what you need to work on and let go of what you need to abandon.

Come with your mind and heart open to another language, to another discovery of "feeling".

we urge to heal

We live in times of great intensity and convulsion. Our earth, our humanity is going through moments of great changes and transformations in every way. A great imbalance is perceived in many systems that sustain our human, social, cultural, spiritual organization... sometimes we are even seized by a great restlessness, a sorrow e uncertainty that We feel it heavy and from time to time it takes us to places of pain, suffering, disconnection...

For this very reason it is very important to generate support networks that remind us that we are not alone. 

The Encounters of Women at San Antonio Organic Farm are just a proposal to weave those networks_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf at a time, and generate a time and space at a time, generating for a deep work of reconnection with our being and healing of our imbalances, which is a reflection of these imbalances that our world lives. 

It urges us to heal and have possible resources to be able to harmonize our place on earth as human beings through brotherhood, strength and feminine wisdom.


In this two-day meeting, we have integrated several proposals from healing women who will accompany you  on your journey to look back at yourself; towards the depths of your being a woman.


This is a heartfelt proposal oriented al work with feminine energy, to build a space in which  can individually, collectively lead your own process of  self-knowledge and healing. 

I gave myself a wonderful gift: I disconnected for a couple of days from my hectic routine in this paradisiacal place: the Valley Intag._cc781905-5cde-3194-bad3b-1358d_

In the hands of incredibly humane, passionate and professional women. I slept like a baby, I delighted in Marisol's tasty and healthy dishes, I lived intensely each cleansing and healing activity with dedication and confidence.

I came home refreshed and infinitely grateful.

See you soon!


healing practices for you

  • Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy Workshop.

  • Temazcal de Mujeres.

  • Women's friendly plants workshop: Herbalism and female reconnection.

  • Special meditation to reconnect with your heart.

  • Rest and walk on the farm.

  • Exhibition of craft products.

  • Natural food "from the garden to the table".

Where will the Meeting be?

San Antonio Organic Farm is a life project, led by Marisol Gallegos, it is located in the Intag Valley; It is a heavenly place just one hora from Cotacachi, in the province of Imbabura - Ecuador.

160ha of primary and secondary forest is part of the Finca's biological reserve.

The cloud forest of the Intag Valley is one of the two most diverse places in the world!

Knowing this reserve is an experience to let you marvel at a natural event of millions of years of formation of the Ecuadorian Andes, creating a mega diverse habitat for flora and fauna to express themselves in surprising ways.

The proximity to the wonder of this mega diverse place, allows us to experience the most powerful heartbeats of the earth, reminding us that we are alive...

The summer solstice celebration event in the Intag valley was very healing and rewarding, it took place in a beautiful place, such as the San Antonio Organic Farm, where its hostess prepares healthy and delicious food, and also made me feel like at home, for that warm hospitality that he maintained throughout the stay. 

melissa layana

Meet your guides

Marisol Gallegos


Active practitioner of agroecology, beekeeping, biodynamics and vegetarian/vegan cooking.


Coordinator and founder of the San Antonio Organic Farm, in the Intag Valley.


My commitment responds to a philosophy of life,   to a more natural way of living; San Antonio is the confirmation that it is possible to generate practices of respect and communion with nature that honor life, here in the primary and secondary forest I propose a place and space for learning, healing and nourishment of the soul through the therapies offered and of the body and through organic vegetarian food harvested at the moment from our garden. 


This is an experience of  individual healing that can be shared, only healing ourselves, re-finding ourselves  with nature, we contribute to the collective healing of the planet.

Cyntia Vinces


Specialist in healing therapies and herbalist with more than 12 years in emotional liberation therapies from the Vedic philosophy and the Huna Hawaii


Certified facilitator of the ROAF System (Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy)


Founder of ALAYA – Healing Spaces


Alaya en a look at my life. It's a place where I honestly share how I keep up and navigate my life.


I share it because I want to extend my hand to all others who are looking for a place outside the exhaustion of the daily routine and the endless search for meaning and value of a fulfilling life._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149- 20813d6c673b_

Maaike Cecilia Damhuis


Of Dutch origin, but with more than 17 years living and rooted in the Andes of Ecuador.


I am a Usui Reiki Master and a Kundalini Ujjvala Reiki Master; and facilitator of reconnective healing sessions.

In the year 2006, after having finished my “vision quests”, which aims to obtain a vision through fasting and isolation, helping to strengthen the spirit, and open consciousness to a vital space of the Sacred, understanding the meaning of our life on earth and with a vision with a heart for our life, the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, gave me power guiar temazcales, which I do with all my heart.


But above all I am  walker, student, singer of  this great school that is Mother Earth, learning more and more about myself and everything that surrounds me.

Ah or.

Martha Arotingo

traditional midwife


I was born on the slopes of Mama  Cotacachi, since I was little I have worked in agriculture with my mother with whom I have had a lifelong training in herbal medicine, midwifery, diagnosis with the guinea pig and other knowledge of the Andean peoples. 


Along the way I have discovered that the best way to accompany myself is by accompanying other women in one of the most intimate moments, which is to support bringing life to another life. I have learned to recognize the plants in our environment as the closest allies. important in the different paths  that we take with my mother, meeting other sisters who are dedicated to midwifery has driven my path with the desire to continue maintaining the legacy that our grandmothers, our ancestors.


Along the way, the relationship with the spirits of the plants has helped me to be one of them and look at them as sisters. 



Saturday 7
9:00 Welcome
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Plant workshop
13:00 a 14:00 Lunch
2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Temazcal for women
18:30 Dinner


Sunday 8
8:00 Farm Breakfast
9:00 to 10:00 Heart opening meditation
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Ovarian breathing workshop.
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Walk through the natural reserve of the Finca
15:30 15:30 Exhibition of craft products.
16:00 Departure

  • Until what date can I register?
    You can do it until December 9, but we recommend you not leave it until the end. The workshop has limited places.
  • What is the value of the Workshop and what is the schedule of activities?
    Once you register in the form on this page, we will send you all the information to your email. If you have yahoo or hotmail it may be in your spam tray, if you have gmail it may be in your promotions tray. Take a good look!
  • I don't have a car. What options do I have to get to Finca San Antonio in Intag?
    Option 1: This option is to share your transportation with 4 participants, you can use a taxi from Cotacachi to the farm for the value of 9usd each. Option 2: You can take a bus to the Intag valley from the Cotacachi bus terminal at 9:30am, which will leave you at the Santa Rosa de Pucará School (2 usd), there you can take a van to the farm (5usd). Note: Once you register, we will try to coordinate with other participants who do not have their own transportation so that they take option 1 or coordinate with people who come in their transportation so that you can join.
  • I already have previous experience, is it possible to only sign up for the first or second module?"
    Of course, if you already have experience in bioconstruction you can enroll in a single module, but we recommend taking both modules, not only for the total experience of the workshop, but also because you can learn the entire process in a systematic way.
  • Is this experience useful for me to build my own mud house?
    Enter your answer here
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