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Welcome to the heart of the Earth

We raffle a quota, we hope it's for you!


Dear y beloved sister, travel companion, we want to give you a big hug, BIG from the heart of the Earth to your heart.

We live in times of great intensity and convulsion. Our earth, our humanity is going through moments of great changes and transformations in every way. A great imbalance is perceived in many systems that sustain our human, social, cultural, spiritual organization... sometimes we are even seized by a great restlessness, a sorrow e uncertainty that We feel it heavy and from time to time it takes us to places of pain, suffering, disconnection...



For this very reason it is very important to generate support networks that remind us that we are not alone. 


The Encounters of Women at San Antonio Organic Farm are just a proposal to weave those networks_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf at a time, and generate a time and space at a time, generating for a deep work of reconnection with our being and healing of our imbalances, which is a reflection of these imbalances that our world lives. 

It urges us to heal and have possible resources to be able to harmonize our place on earth as human beings through brotherhood, strength and feminine wisdom.

On this occasion and in this last Women's Meeting of the year, the women who propose this meeting want to give away a free quota with access to all the activities of this Meeting el which is held,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_here in the cloud forest of the Intag Valley, to a woman. 

We do it with a great desire to expand our community to other sisters, women, colleagues who feel this deep call to heal and reconnect. 


  • Ovarian Breathing and Feminine Alchemy Workshop


  • Women's Temazcal


  • Women's friendly plants workshop: Herbalism and female reconnection

  • Special meditation to reconnect with your heart.

  • Rest at the San Antonio Organic Farm

  • Natural food "from the garden to the table"


The draw will take place this November 14, among all the participants who register on this site. When you register you will receive a confirmation email and that's it! You are registered to participate in this raffle (cross your fingers!)

If you are the winner we will notify you by email, WhatsApp or we will call you. (you will find out yes or yes)

Remember that the meeting is this coming December 7 and 8, two days to connect with yourself or with all the feminine energy here in the HEART OF THE EARTH.

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©2019 Paloma Dávila

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