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Welcome to a San Antonio

Here the heart of the Earth beats strong

Lichens, moss, bryophytes, orchids, ferns, stone, water, trunk... every surface in the cloud forest is covered with life...

The Cloud Forest home of water and rain

La  Finca Orgánica San Antonio is a natural conservation project located in the Intag Valley; It is a heavenly place just one hora from Cotacachi, in the province of Imbabura - Ecuador.

160ha. of primary and secondary forest is part of the farm's biological reserve.

Diversity on the surface

The Intag cloud forest is characterized by incredible diversity, in fact it is one of the two most biodiverse places on the planet, with a very high level of endemism. Oh really! The Intag region is located where two biological "hot spots" of limited size in the world overlap, shares a high number of species and endemics and is therefore extremely diverse. Possibly the most diverse place in the world!


It is above all a conservation project, only 10 of its 160ha are cultivated within a life conservation model.

The agricultural practices on the farm are aimed at providing a clean and balanced environment, enhancing the productive capacity and natural fertility of the soil, optimizing the recycling of nutrients, the natural control of pests and diseases.


In this way, our TURA coffee, cane honey, citrus fruits, endemic fruits, avocados, vegetables are produced on our farm, and it is also the home of the caretakers of life: the bees who provide us with one of the star products of the farm. : multifloral honey

Las hojas de la acuarela

A visit to the heart of the earth

The San Antonio Organic Farm consists of primary and secondary forest, trails, organic crops, a river, a waterfall, a stream, a viewpoint, and underground natural springs.

We maintain an ecotourism program in resonance with the earth.  You can choose between a 1 to 3-day visit, enjoy a_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_1358bad5cffood products from our garden %100 organic.

Here in San Antonio we suggest that you not only take a walk but a heartfelt visit to a place full of biological natural resources and innumerable forms of expression of life.

This visit is for:

- Feel and contemplate nature in all its diversity.

- Know a place unique in the world.

- Appreciate the tranquility and breathe fresh air.

- Nourish your cuerpo with rich and healthy foods.

- Surprise you of the force of water and the life that its conservation entails.

- Connect with your own nature, return to your home.

- Recharge your forces.

- Return to your daily activities with other spirits.

- Get to know an alternative and independent conservation and ecotourism project.

In San Antonio we do ecotourism in resonance  with the Earth

Route to San Antonio

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Get in touch directly with our project and schedule your visit to our Finca.

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Intag Valley - Santa Rosa

Whatsapp +593 - 959763722

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